About Us

Our Company started production in the sector of plastic injection in 1981. From this time until today we supported some of the big companies in the sector of white goods by providing them some kinds of plastic products. In the years of 2000’s we moved our experience and power to the manufacturing of spare parts of diffrent kind of machines and in 1985 we entered in the sector of the machine of paper cleaning products. And in the short time we start to produce our self-designed machines. Adapting polities of producing quality material, favorable and just in the time delivery; it became one of the most favored producer of  Turkey for the paper machines. Fidan Makina is one of the main producer and exporters of Tissue Paper Folding machines in Turkey.

Our Vision

Our vission is to be in the first lines of the nationel foam producer by working with internationel standards and associating the adapted operating principle with the service it gives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make just in time service of the quality product that is made also economic, focusing on customer satisfaction. With another words, it is also making our customer more advantageous than their competitors by working with us.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is the produce conforming to internationel standards. Being the first to return to customer demands in the industry.Also, it is to be in the mood for search  for producing new and higher quality products with the cooperation established with customers. To deplay this strategy there is a need for creative and well educated employees who work with highest communication and team spirit also having pride with the company; whom we are trying to build.

Our Quality Policy

It is to deliver the products to customers within determined prices and with conformity to determined quality conditions. It acts with principals of Total Quality Management during handling and delivery of products. It is also to produce the product at the first production and to hand in to next process to keep the customer satisfaction at the highest point.