18 Apr 2014
April 18, 2014

Printed Napkin Machine

 Printed Napkin Machine

We manufacture and supply a quality range of paper napkin machines. These machines are built for high level of production. They go easy in operation and need less maintenance. They have strong structure for stability and vibration less operation.

We offers Paper Napkin Machine at cost effective price range to our client. The machines are manufactured from top quality raw material and as per the specifications of the clients. The machine consists of a rotary folder which is connected to the printing and embossing unit.This machine is highly appreciated and demanded in the market owing to its cost effectiveness and effectual performance


  • 1.A variety of folded pattern can be selected, can be customized.
  • 2.Color printing part adopts flexography printing, pattern can replace flexibly according to requirement, adopt special color printing, net lines ink vibrator.
  • 3.Stepless speed adjustment for unwinding roll, whole machine run synchronously, production automatic counting, can set automatic counting delamination output, convenient for packing.
  • 4.Bottom embossing roller adopt Felt Roller, Wool Roller, Rubber Roller(you can select 1 kind among them). Embossing can be selected to equip with heating system, pattern is bright.
  • 5.This machine with two embossing units on the machine. It is for option. The customer can choose one embossing pattern for production, and change another pattern if it is needed without replacing spare parts.


  • Size : 9″ to 12″ Napkin Each Printing Unit Consists of – Stereo Cylinder changeable from 9″ x l2″, Forward & Backward adjustment, one Ink Roller dipped in duct
  • Color of Printing: Double color Flexo-graphic Printing
  • Machine Weight: 2200 Kgs (approx.)
  • Raw Material: Tissue Paper 18 to 27 gsm.
  • Max. Unwind Dia : 40″ Max.


  • AC engine speed control
  • Automatic stop dring tearing of paper
  • Safety arrangement on cutting blade
  • Main Engine: 3KW
  • Cutting Engine: 0,75 KW
  • Rolly Ply: 1,2,3,4
  • Weight of the roll: 120 kg max.
  • Diameter of the roll: 1200 mm
  • Capacity: 500m/min
  • Folding Size: 240x240mm up to 400×400 mm
  • Color prints: up to 1,2,3,4,5,6 diffrent colours
  • Type of printing:Flexo


  • Un-printed: 1500 pcs/min
  • Printed: 1.000 pcs/min

Electric Equipment to be used :

  • Driver: LG
  • Pneumatic: Telemechanique
  • Valve: Gamak
  • Motor: Siemens, WATT, Gamak
  • Electrical Data: 3×380 Volt, three-phased
  • Bearing: Fak, Fsk, Ors
  • Contactor and Fuses: Siemens
  • Air requirement: 1.000 lt/ 10 bar
  • Reducers to be used in the machine : Yılmaz Reducer – Made in Turkey


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  1. can you please give price for machine to do 4500 napkins per minute 1/4 and 1/8 fold sizes from 29×29 30×30 33×33 40×40 2 colour print


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