18 Apr 2014
April 18, 2014

Z Fold Paper Towel Machine

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z-fold paper towel  machine

Our Z Fold Paper Towel Machine is available in various shapes and sizes as per industry specific designs. We fabricate Z Fold Paper Towel Machine that easily creates vast range of paper towels for commercial use.

Machine Specifications:

  • C and Z-Fold witout perforage
  • Folding Size 20 cm (±) 5 mm
  • Roll Diameter 110 cm, witdh 60 cm
  • Slitter blade with adjustable width
  • Micro side embossing knit
  • 11 kw vacuum with water
  • Ac engine speed control
  • Adjustable electronic piece counter
  • Automatic stop during tearing of paper
  • Engine: 3 KW
  • Capacity in size 20 cm x 15 cm 1200 pieces/min.

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